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Jet Air Aircon Suppliers in Cape Town

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Jet-Air-Aircon-Suppliers Cape Town

In need of a Jet Air air conditioning supplier in Cape Town? Contractors who specialize in air conditioning can assist!

Jet-Air, which was launched in 1999, is a well-known air conditioning brand in Cape Town. Hitachi, Toshiba, and Panasonic compressors are used in all Jet-Air air conditioners. Jet-Air air conditioners are made by top Chinese manufacturers. All units have received CB and NRCS certificates.


Jet Air offers a wide range of environmentally friendly air conditioners for residential use. The equipment is dependable, and Jet-Air provides excellent after-sales service.


All versions, including the Jet Air Midwall Split, are available.

Jet-Air home air conditioners include mid-wall split units, cassettes, floor standing air conditioners, under-ceiling air conditioners, and window wall air conditioner units. Jet-Air devices are charged with the ecologically beneficial gas R410A.


Three-year factory warranty

Jet-Air air conditioning units come with a 3-year manufacturing warranty on the compressor (terms and conditions apply). This warranty covers any issues caused by faulty materials, poor workmanship, or improper assembly. Repairs, spare component replacement, maintenance, or service required due to wear and tear, product misuse, or work performed by anyone other than an authorized Jet-Air representative are not covered.


Obtain four quotes for your Jet Air air conditioning installation.

We have a nationwide network of installers, dealers, and contractors in every major metropolitan area to better serve all Jet-Air users or assist new Jet-Air users with installation and maintenance to improve client experience and make goods more accessible in every location.


These companies provide air conditioning services for residential, commercial, industrial, warehouses, schools, hospitals, airports, and hotels, among other places.


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